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Adolescent-Pre-pregnancy-Maternal-Adult Nutrition Pre-pregnancy nutrition refers to the nutritional needs required for women before pregnancy. It is an essential part before preparing for pregnancy. Maternal nutrition status of the mother before pregnancy influences the course of pregnancy, fetal development and the child’s health in its early life. Underweight women may have increased risk of delivering low weight babies. A nutrient rich diet helps in improving fetal health and reduces the chance of miscarriage and low weight babies. It also helps in receiving the right nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy. Adequate nutrition is important throughout an adult’s life for maintenance of their well being. In younger adults, it helps in providing energy and building muscle mass. With ageing, individuals' lives may become sedentary. During the middle years the key role of good nutrition is to maintain optimal weight and prevent or manage non-communicable diseases.
Complementary feeding At 6 months of age, exclusive breastfeeding is not enough for a baby. Along with breast milk, nutritious home-cooked food must be given to the baby. This food is called complementary food. It must be given to a baby from 6 months to 24 months of age. It plays a crucial role in making the baby tall, healthy and intelligent. The type, consistency and amount of complementary food vary with the baby’s age. There are specific recommendations for each age group. They are discussed in detail in 2 spoken tutorials in this series. Recipes for complementary food are also demonstrated in spoken tutorials. Safe preparation, storage and feeding of complementary food are equally important for the baby and are explained in detail in spoken tutorials.
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